Posted by Oteil Burbridge ’69 Gibson EB-2

69 Gibson EB2I bought this bass because it looked just like a Cherry Red Gibson ES-335 guitar that Mark Kimbrell played in my band, Oteil and the Peacemakers. I’ve been playing with Mark for 25 years and always associate that guitar with him. When I walked in the music store I thought it was a guitar and then I noticed that it only had 4 tuning pegs. It wasn’t expensive because of some water damage behind the bridge that only affected the finish. I’m not a collector so I’m not really worried about that type of thing. I only cared about how it felt and sounded. I ended up using it on most of my latest record, “Water In The Desert” (due out in 2013). It has the least clarity and definition of any bass I own. It also has the most bass end. I prefer it’s mellower sound with acoustic instruments too. Since I don’t play upright bass I use it when I play Jazz, Bluegrass or any other acoustic music. This bass is aptly named “Tubby”. It’s tone explains it all.