Posted by Oteil Burbridge China Doll

I couldn’t sleep last night. They laid Gregg to rest yesterday and I couldn’t be there because I was playing at Shoreline Amphitheatre with Dead & Company. I know that Warren also couldn’t be there along with a few others. Thoughts of my Allman Brothers Band family swirled around in my head. Thoughts of Butch, Col. Bruce and Gregg; huge figures in my life that are all gone now.

These thoughts of tragedy are intertwined with my happiest thoughts and newest highs. Like when my Jess sends me pictures and videos of her and Nigel.

Another new high happened last night: I sang lead with Dead & Co. for the first time, being fed on cornbread and beans notwithstanding!

It’s like Grace is giving me these amazing highs to refill and purify the air that is escaping the puncture wounds of these successive deaths. Yesterday was like 7 days packed into one. My heart was in so many places at the same time.

Again. Thank you so much to the Grateful Dead family for the Love. It helps get me through. Life is so surreal right now. I can’t wait for my wife and son to get here and for Nigel to go on the road for his first real tour. Just think, for his very first tour Nigel’s going on the road with original members of the GRATEFUL DEAD. Talk about new highs. This kid has no idea……