Posted by Oteil Burbridge Fodera Signature Monarch 6-String Bass

Oteil Burbridge’s Fodera Signature Bass from GravityFree Studios on Vimeo.

I was blessed to have Fodera make me two of these handmade beauties. I have never had instruments that were totally hand made before. Sometimes I want to leave them at home under a glass case to make sure nothing bad happens to them. But it’s too hard to resist playing them. When I need to push past the boundaries of classic bass this is what I use.

These instruments have to be played to understand how amazing they are. The great Anthony Jackson was the first person I ever heard play a 6 string bass. He’s played on so many studio sessions I can almost guarantee you’ve heard him whether you realize it or not. Special thanks to Vinnie Fodera and Joey Lauricella for these beauties. My first Fodera is named “LaWanda” after LaWanda Page, an actress who played a famous black church lady named Aunt Esther on the 70’s TV show Sanford and Son.