Posted by Oteil Burbridge Epifani

Epifani UL2 Series 4×10 cabinet / Epifani UL502 amplifier

With the Allman Brothers Band, I use two Epifani UL2 Series 4×10 cabinets with an Epifani UL502 amp. Epifani is my favorite amp because of it’s versatility. My most modern, cutting edge basses require a super quick response which I can’t get from old vintage tube amps. But my vintage basses sound so warm and classic through the UL502 that it’s hard to believe it’s the same amp.

Epifani UL D.I.S.T. Series 1×12 cabinets / Epifani Piccolo 600 amplifier

For my local gigs, I use two Epifani UL D.I.S.T. Series 1×12 cabinets and a Epifani Piccolo 600 amplifier. They’re truly amazing because they’re so incredibly light weight but still get really loud without distorting. For instance, the classic Ampeg SVT amplifier weighs 80 lbs. The Epifani Piccolo 600 amplifier weighs only 4.5 lbs. When you don’t have roadies, these are such a blessing.