Posted by Oteil Burbridge Goldtone Banjo Bass

I got this bass at a bluegrass festival called Merlefest when I was hanging out with the great singer/bassist John Cowan. We went and played it together and I was immediately taken with it. My new found obsession with the 5 string banjo had a lot to do with it. It has the craziest bass sound I’ve ever heard. If you play it in a more African style it actually sounds totally normal. It reminds me of a Guembri but with more treble. Believe it or not this thing is electric too. I used it on some hard rock songs with a pick. What a nasty sound. Banjo bass: great for African and hard rock music. Who would have thought? I call this bass “the Boto bass” after my friend and one of my favorite drummers, Kinah Boto. He and Marcus were the two drummers on my first Peacemakers album.