Posted by Oteil Burbridge Happy New Year from Oteil

Wow, what a surprise to wake up on the first day of 2014 to a wildfire in the rumor mill!

For the record…. It was an amazing experience recording and playing with the Zac Brown Band and with Dave Grohl in November. It was an awesome time and a reunion of sorts for me with old friends Chris Fryar, Penn Robertson, and Eric Pretto (the drummer, bass tech and guitar tech for ZBB, respectively) who I’ve known for over a decade. I am proud to be part Zac’s record.

2014 will mark the beginning of my 16th year with the Allman Brothers and as we celebrate the bands 45th anniversary, it reminds me what a huge part of my musical life this incredible band has been. I’m really grateful and proud to be such a big part of the ABB history. And we ain’t done yet!

I certainly hope to work with the Zac Brown Band again in the future. They are incredibly talented and great guys. Wherever I land in the future, I hope my fans understand that my primary concern is for the wellbeing of my family and will continue to bring you the highest level of groove and improv that I can muster.

Peace, Love & Happy New Year!