Posted by Oteil Burbridge Join the Ozone!

I’m excited because today we are announcing the launch of the Ozone.

I want to invite you to join the Ozone, a space that we have created so that we can connect with you virtually.

I’ve put together a series of videos with animated diagrams spelling out a system I used to learn to play music by ear. While I recommend learning to read music I know that many people like to learn to play less formally than others.

I will dive deep into harmony, rhythm, improv, different styles, philosophy, pitfalls life on the road and anything else relevant to musicians of all skill levels.

But I also want to connect with students and be able to answer your questions, make recommendations, exchange ideas and be more accessible in a way that wasn’t previously possible. We will host AMA sessions, I will regularly post videos of answers to your questions that you have sent in, I’ll continually update and upload new content and we will even have some live seminars.

You can Join the Ozone community HERE