Posted by Oteil Burbridge Modulus Quantum 6 Semi-Hollow Six String Bass

Modulus Quantum 6 Semi-Hollow Six String BassThis is a beauty. The thing I like about the Modulus basses is that since the necks are made of graphite there are no dead spots anywhere on the neck. It’s something that cannot be achieved with wood. When I’m playing chords on the bass they ring out more evenly because of this. With wood there will always be dead spots. But there will also be sweet spots with wood which you can’t get with graphite. Some see that as a plus and some see it as a minus. Its definitely a plus when you’re playing chords! While the Fenders are my connection to the past, my six strings are my reach into the future.


“As you can see, this bass was signed by three of my biggest heroes, bassist Jerry Jemmott, singer/guitarist Little Milton and bassist (with Bob Marley and the Wailers) Aston “Family Mon” Barrett.”