Posted by Oteil Burbridge Oteil Visits the Fodera Shop in Brooklyn

Oteil at FoderaWhile in NYC last week, I went to see Vinny and Joey at the Fodera shop in Brooklyn. It’s always a special experience for me and I couldn’t be more grateful to them for all of their support through the years. At their shop, it’s so amazing to see the contrast of the rough environment where the instruments are conceived and created and the delicate newborn instruments that are delivered. Each one is different and Vinny and Joey remember every single one, going back decades. They looked up LaWanda’s birth certificate for me. She was completed on March 12th, 2003 and just turned 11-years-old during this last Allman Brothers Beacon run.

We visited and joked around. Joey was converting this other guy’s bass to being a humbucker which makes it a lot fatter. I played it and loved it. Joey asked me if I wanted him to rewire mine like that and try it out. I figured, what the hell, I can always change it back if I wanna get my old sound back. It’s kind of like getting a new bass!

They also showed me this bass they made for Anthony Jackson, one of my heroes. I’ve seen a lot of Foderas, but this one really jumps out at you. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen them do before. It’s part acoustic, part conventional Fodera – a hybrid. Apparently it was really difficult to fashion. I was surprised at how light weight it was compared to its massive size.

Oteil at FoderaThat’s just another day at Fodera. You pop by to say hi and they change your life for you again. They have some big hearts. Vinny, Joey and all the gang at Fodera really give a lot. They renew my hope and faith in people.

And they’re funny as hell……..

Check out this video of my Fodera!