Posted by Oteil Burbridge Reuniting with Dr. Kote

I met this man, Dr. Kote Lotah and his wife A-lul’Koy when I first joined the Allman Brothers Band in 1997. If it wasn’t for him and his amazing wife we wouldn’t have had the last 20 years with Gregg. Or the last 17 years of the Allman Brothers Band. Twenty really good years if I could be so pompous just this once. So you can thank him if you see him.
What a trip that we were reunited on this tour after all these years and because of that, happened to be together the day we found out that Gregg had passed away. Three tours in Vietnam, a leader of his people (The Chumash), used to roll with Rolling Thunder and the Grateful Dead back in the DAY, and is a great grandfather times like 7 or something! Anyway all this to say that I have only been given an Eagle feather once in my life, by James Simcoe of the 1st Nation Mnjikaning Tribe in Ontario Canada. (Rama!) It was explained to me what a high honor it is to receive this from any 1st Nation people. So when Dr. Kote gave me this feather I knew exactly what it meant. Thank you so much Brother Kote. You saw me at the first stage of my journey here. I’m so glad that I got a second chance to make you proud of me after all these years.

Oteil and Dr. Kote on Dead & Company Tour, 2017.