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thumbnailAt its core Roots Rock Revival is a 4 day exploratory adventure into the world of southern rock, but in reality its much, much more. Master classes, seminars, discussions and a whole lot of jamming set in the pristine Catskill mountains. Whether you are a campfire player, a full time musician of just a lover of all things music, this experience allows you to dive head first into the world of your favorite musical artists.

Picture yourself awakening, at a tranquil mountain resort nestled in the heart of the forever wild Catskill Mountains. As you ready things for the day and head off to breakfast, head still in the clouds from the amazing dream you had; you were at a life changing musical performance with members of the Allman Bros. and North Mississippi Allstars among others, better yet you were onstage playing along with them, feeling the groove and interacting in a way you never thought possible. Just then, it dawns on you that it wasn’t a dream at all, it was real! It was The Roots Rock Revival Experience! What even more amazing is there are 3 more days ahead of the same and more!

Additional Roots Rock Revival Activities:
Campfires, Jam Sessions, Hiking, Swimming, Disc Golf, Exclusive Performances, Open rehearsals, Q&A sessions, Modern Music Business Strategies, Recording Concepts, Production Techniques, and so much more!

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