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Jamming on Jam Cruise 2015 Almost a decade has passed since I last joined Jam Cruise for a week at sea. But it was worth the wait because Jam Cruise 2015 was totally over the to

Weedist interview: The Green Thumb & Purple Haze Weedist, a community of cannabis connoisseurs, just published an interview by Rae Lland with creators Oteil Burbridge and LeVar Carter discussing The

Oteil Visits the Fodera Shop in Brooklyn While in NYC last week, I went to see Vinny and Joey at the Fodera shop in Brooklyn. It’s always a special experience for me and I couldn’

An Interview with Jack Casady – Backstage at Wanee Festival 2013 Last year at Wanee I had the chance to interview three legendary bassists. Bakithi Kumalo, Jack Casady and Rocco Prestia. Hopefully you enjoyed the Ba

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